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How & Why?

Curly Hair Programmer is an initiative by a Computer Science Engineer with an aim to educate and guide fellow programmers and learning enthusiasts on their journey towards a successful career. I have been programming for the past 8 years and have been teaching for 1/4th of that time. I enjoy programming a lot and more than that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. It was my passion towards teaching, that gave birth to "Curly Hair Programmer".


There are countless benefits to studying online with Curly Hair Programmer. All of our classes are carefully curated and customly designed to fit a student's personal needs. This is your chance to pick up a new skill or gain more knowledge and experience on topics you have already studied.

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Go at Your Own Pace

We offer 1:1 classes to our students which provides you with an opportunity to learn at your own pace and grow accordingly. The curriculum can be tailored as per your needs and can easily be modified to suit you better.

Achieve Personal Goals

Each and every individual has unique learning goals when it comes to programming. Some of us are aiming to pickup a new skill, whereas the others just want to polish their craft before starting a new job. Either way, Curly Hair Programmer is the best place for you.

Improve Performance

Irrespective of the task you do, Performance is key, and programming is no different. Join us for a unique learning experience and polish our skills to improve your performance output.